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Extended Warranty Information

Extended Warranty Details
 Parts & Labor Warranty Duration Payout
 Gold+ 1 year parts & labor $50/hour
Platinum+ 3 year parts and labor $75/hour
Mitchell Book rate is used for compensation hours with Removal and Install only.  
ASC Certified Technicians are needed for warranty work. 
Hazer's reserves the right to have the vehicle and parts inspected. 
See your salesperson for more details.
The plus symbol denotes labor coverage.
Powertrain parts include engine, transmission, carrier assembly, differential, and transfer case.

Invoice Details
The installer is responsible for verifying the correct part and condition as stated on the invoice before installation. 
Refunds are issued when parts are defective or not-as-described; other reasons may incur up to a 25% restocking fee.
Extended Parts and Labor warranties are offered and cost extra.  The labor coverage, if purchased, covers some of the costs of installation labor for your replacement part and not the initial installation of your first part.  For more information and details, ask your salesperson.  
Labor Expenses are only paid when a labor warranty is purchased, ask your sales person for further details.
If you experience any problems with our parts, immediately contact Hazer Auto Parts for assistance and warranty purposes.  
Powertrain parts have specific requirements to not void parts or labor warranty, ask your salesperson for more details. 
For powertrain parts (engine, transmission, transfer case, front carrier, front axle, rear axle, etc.) the warranty covers the internally lubricated parts which is only the long-block in the case of the engine.  
   For example, on an engine, the extra parts that are bolted to the long block are not covered with exception to fuel system and turbo on diesel engines.  
Fluids, filters, seals, sensors, and gaskets are some of the items not covered by the standard or extended warranty.
All parts have to be used in the intended way the manufacturer specifies: for example,  larger tires than are specified by the manufacturer voids warranty.
Standard warranty is 90 days with original invoice. Warranty starts on the date of the invoice.   For warranty to be valid, the part needs to be returned to Hazer’s on or before the last day of the warranty.   All days mentioned in these terms are calendar days.  
Shipping charges and body cut parts are non-refundable. Even if Hazer's part is defective it is still the customer's responsibility to pay for shipping or bring the part back to Hazers for a refund.  
Orders are to be picked up within 2 weeks of the order being placed.  Orders not picked up in 30 days are refunded with a restocking fee. Talk to your salesperson for accommodations for pickup.  
When customer pays with cash, cash refunds are only given only on same day returns. 
NSF or cancelled checks have a $35 fee.
Extended warranties on tires does not cover tires that can be repaired: incidents where a patch will fix the tire needs to be taken care of by the customer.
When a powertrain part is thought to be defective by the customer's installer/mechanic, that mechanic needs to figure out the reason why it is defective.  Hazers will be unable to warranty the part if there is no detailed and tested explanation as to why the part is being claimed as defective.

Extended Warranty
Warranties are only valid for the customer on the invoice and their specific vehicle; this means that warranties are not transferable to another party.  
For extended warranties, parts and labor coverage is for a one-time-incident use and is capped at $1,500 for all labor costs in total; talk to your salesperson for arrangements if you believe more labor is is needed for you part.  
The Warrantied replacement part is for a part of similar price. 
Even if the part is defective in the first 90 days, the extended warranty will cover the labor for the part as the one-time-incident, but then the warranty has been used up.  The new part will by default carry the standard 90 day parts-only and no-labor warranty unless the Extended warranty is re-purchased.
If a Hazer's associate believes that there is no suitable action to take in order to satisfy the customer for their extended warranty, then Hazers reserves the right to give a refund back to the customer for their original purchase price of the part and the warranty as long as the labor has not been paid out to the customer.
For the warranty to be valid, Hazers needs to be notified of the defective part while it is still installed in the vehicle so that the part can be verified by an inspection facility or a trusted party at Hazer's choosing.  
If Hazers arranges for and pays to have the installed part inspected or fixed and the problem is due to improper installation by the customer's mechanic, then the customer is responsible to pay Hazers back for the repairs.  Likewise if Hazer's has the part inspected and the diagnosis is mechanical failure not due to improper installation, then Hazers will pay for their inspection.

Shipping Insurance
Shipping insurance is an additionally purchased insurance that is administered by Hazer's internally.  It covers the cost of a part's return shipping when the part is lost, damaged, or needs to be returned.  The insurance is for a one-time use for the part itself.

Core Returns
To maximize the refund of your core return, follow the below details:
  • To keep $35 of your core refund make sure to drain all fluids such as oil and coolant.
  • All cores need to have an undamaged housing. For example: Engines and transmissions cannot be cracked.
  • To keep your full core refund on engines:
    • All engines need to be in the same condition as a long block. This means that they need to have timing covers, valve covers, oil pans, and flywheels.
    • The engine should not be dismantled past what a long block consists of.
    • There should not be excessive rust.
    • The crankshaft has to be able to spin 720 degrees.
    • Diesel engines must include; turbo, fuel system, and injectors.
  • Before dropping off your core, notify your sales representative of your core return in order to receive your RMA number. To keep full core value and not delay a refund, write down your RMA number on the core.
  • If you not sure that you will receive a full core refund , talk with your sales representative before your part is installed.
  • As we rapidly move cores through the facility, if you return your original part and want your original core back, then we will attempt to retrieve your original core otherwise if we are unable to locate your original core then we will refund you the amount that you were charged for your core.