OffShore Staffing

Connecting you with the world's most skilled, devoted, and professional talent!

Room for up to 72 People in a climate control office under constant managerial supervision.

Offering Bespoke Services in the Areas of:

Phone Sales/Customer Service & Virtual Sales Kiosks

Trained for your company's preferences and procedures. 

Staffing for a 24x7 operation if needed.  

Redundant internet connections for maximum uptime.

Available Staff to hire:

Remote Active Surveillance

Remote Auction Previewing and Bidding

Experience with BidMate, Bid Buddy, Bid Call, or custom software for buying is offered.

Remote Inventory

Remote Inventory can be time consuming and tedious for you; Never Again with this crew!

Experience with Inventory Buddy, Powerlink's Inventory Utility, and Pinnacle Pro's Inventory Utility.

Virtual Assistants

Data Entry and Bookkeeping

Quickbooks Desktop, Quickbooks Online,  Government Compliance Paper for Vehicles

Software Development, Design, and Project Management

Renelyn (Ren) - Project Manager, Web Design, Wordpress

Ren is an experienced front-end WordPress developer, project manager, and

technical support specialist with a passion for creating visually appealing and fully functional

websites. With a strong foundation in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and skills in project

management and technical support, Ren is a valuable asset to any team looking to deliver high-

quality websites that meet clients needs.

Jared - Full-Stack Web Developer

A full-stack web developer with a passion for creating beautiful, responsive, and user-friendly web applications. With a Bachelor's degree in Electronics Engineering, he started my career as a R&D engineer who focuses on desktop software applications for performance automotive aftermarket.

Over time, he developed a keen interest in web development and expanded my skills to include languages like C#, Python, and Node.js, along with database design and management using SQL Server and MariaDB. Today, as a full-stack developer, he has worked on various projects, including E-Commerce platforms, finance and accounting projects, manufacturing shop-floor applications, and Android applications.



Training new people is really important! Here are a few reasons why:

1. Keeping up with changes: Things change fast, especially in today's world. So it's important to make sure new hires know the latest skills, technologies, and practices. Regular training helps them stay on top of things and ready for whatever comes their way.

2. Enhancing skills: Training helps employees improve their skills and learn new ones. This can make them better at their job, more productive, and happier in their work. For new hires, it's especially important to give them the skills they need to succeed.

3. Maintaining consistency: When everyone is trained the same way, it helps maintain consistency in the workplace. This can reduce the risk of errors or accidents, and make things run more smoothly.

4. Fostering a culture of learning: When employees see that their employer values training and development, it creates a culture of learning. This can make them more engaged and motivated in their work.

5. Retaining employees: When employers invest in their employees' growth, it can help keep them around longer. People want to work for companies that care about them and their development.

At Hazers Auto Parts, we know that training is key to our success. That's why we invest in regular training for all our employees, especially new hires. We want them to feel confident and capable in their roles, and ready for whatever comes their way. By investing in training, we can ensure that our workforce is equipped to meet the demands of their roles and help our company thrive.

Team Building

Team building is very important! It helps us communicate better, trust each other, collaborate more effectively, come up with creative ideas, and feel happier at work. At Hazers Auto Parts, we love team building activities that are fun and engaging, like outdoor adventures and games. We've seen how much it helps us work better together and enjoy our jobs more.